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    We're Iowa natives who returned "home" after living in Tulsa, OK for seven and a half years!  During our time in Tulsa, we watched our family expand from one to four children, and we were looking forward to moving back to the Iowa City area to get closer to family and "old" friends. By happenstance, our family stumbled across the first self-serve yoghurt franchise to enter the Tulsa area just months before moving back to Iowa -- and we were hooked as customers!  We simply loved the idea of being able to make our own sundae desserts!  After not finding a fro-yo shop in Eastern Iowa, we decided to bring the self-serve fro-yo craze to Hawkeye Country ourselves! After some financial assessment, we realized the only way for us to open a shop, was to build our very own.

   Ghurtie's was founded in Coralville, IA on January 1st 2011, and after turning our  Coralville garage into a full working cabinet shop, and an extra bedroom into a design studio -- Ghurtie's (Eastern Iowa's original self serve "fro-yo" shop) was born!  The immense effort combined the carpentry and design skills of  many family members and several good friends. We officially opened Ghurtie's doors on July 4th, 2011.


Since that time, we've added additional desserts to our menu (Custard, Gelato, Italian Ice, and Sorbet), opened a party room, and began catering parties & events.  We've had some great help through the years from a number of wonderful college and high school staff, but we still remain a family owned and operated business. We love people and want to help bring them together.  Our vision has always been to create a community gathering place, by creating a warm, fun & welcoming atmosphere -- for  both the young and the "young at heart"!

* UPDATE: Ghurtie's retail location is currently closed. However, we will continue CATERING & MOBILE EVENTS and our vision remains the same!

 A community
   gathering place...
  ... for both the young and the"young at heart"!

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